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How to choose interior paint for your home?
How to choose interior paint for your home?

A painting job well done makes all the difference to your space. Your choice of colour-vibrant or pastel, oil or matte is going to give that final look to the home, you have so fondly built or bought. Hence choosing READ MORE



7 awesome painting tips for beginners to master the craft

Painting is an artform, and that certainly doesn’t change when it’s throwing up a fresh coat on the walls of your home in our eyes. Anyone that has embarked on their own interior painting project can tell you, though, it READ MORE



KONNSTRUCT picks up an award!

The team at KONNSTRUCT are thrilled to have picked up a recognition for our community and local business engagement from Jetts fitness centre in Bentleigh East. Jetts is a leading 24 hour fitness centre in Bentleigh East, providing both a READ MORE



How to paint wooden flooring

Painting solid wooden floors that are a few years old can bring them to life. But what is the best way of going about it? 1.)The first step is preparing the surface. Start the process by scuff-sanding the flooring using READ MORE



How to clean painted interior walls

Cleaning latex painted interior walls The technique of cleaning walls differs depending on whether the paint is oil based or latex based. To clean latex based walls safely and effectively, mix three to four drops of everyday dish detergent into READ MORE



Painting ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles in a bathroom can be painted over, however you may lose some of the interesting charm of the tile, as the grout will end up being the same colour as the tile itself. You will also find a READ MORE



Selecting the right paint for your outdoor areas

With so many choices when it comes to outdoor paint, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are different types of paints for different materials and areas of the outside of your home. Weather, foot traffic and READ MORE



6 simple tips for feature wall painting

Everybody’s doing it, and for good reason, a feature wall can really add something special to any room in your home. But it’s not just about throwing a few colours on the wall, it’s about creating the centerpiece of a READ MORE



Installing cornices in three easy steps

One of the most important aesthetic features of the home interior is the installation of a cornice. Not only is it a simple way to beautify the junction between wall and ceiling, it can also tie in with the rest READ MORE



Five top tips for painting the exterior of your home

Painting the exterior of your house is a long, delicate, and labour intensive project, made tenfold if your property is larger than average. Making the subject even more daunting to take on is the breadth of misconceptions and backyard tales READ MORE