Winter is a cosy, intimate season where the cold, harsh outdoors is the last place anyone wants to be in. Melbourne’s unpredictable weather continues to create a mix of chilly winds, dry air and the occasional sunshine in the colder months. Despite this, home renovations are still prevalent.

There are certain benefits of painting during winter, including dry winter air and typically less rain, which is a common hazard during exterior painting. If you’re considering taking advantage of the winter weather here are some tips on how to paint correctly and efficiently in the chilly months of the year:

Knowing how cold is too cold.

cold is too cold
Checking the temperature is the key to successfully painting the exterior of your home. You need to check and maintain the temperature of the air, walls and surfaces, and your paint.
Monitoring air temperature is easy. Just check the weather online and make sure it isn’t going below 2°C during the day of painting, and at least 2 days afterwards to allow the paint sufficient time to dry. The surface area also needs to stay above 2°C degrees and can be measured using a laser infrared temperature gun. Lastly, you need to keep your paint as warm as possible during the painting period by storing it indoors at all times.

Using the correct paint.

correct paint
Not all paints are accustomed to the harsh, cold weather of winter. There are special paints created specifically for low temperatures. These speciality paints are readily available from popular paint outlets like Resene and Dulux and come in a variety of shades to match your home. Using the correct paint is necessary because the wrong kind will not be able to properly bond and coat the surface area.

Painting during the ideal times.

Painting during the ideal times
Knowing when to paint is an imperative part of exterior painting during winter. Unlike painting during Summer where it’s recommended to paint in the shade and avoid the sun, it’s opposite in Winter. Instead, you’ll want to be following the sun and applying exterior paint between the sunniest times in the middle of the day. You can use the time beforehand to prepare and allow the surfaces to warm up, then pack up before the temperatures start to drop rapidly.

If the winter chills are getting too much and you have urgent painting needs that have to be carried out during the cool weather, we’re happy to help. Our handy KONNSTRUCT team of Painting Professionals in Melbourne can be contacted on 0450 743 734.