Summer days never last long enough here in Melbourne. Sometimes it feels like the Autumn days come too soon. If you decorated your space to reflect sunshine and bright blue skies you may considering revamping your home with a more warming atmosphere.

Changing your entire house can be a big task, so it may be easier for you to redesign certain areas instead. For instance, interior walls are an easily accessible space that can completely transform the look and feel of any room.

If you’re in the middle of interior painting your Melbourne home or think you need a helping hand from local professionals, here are 4 ways you can recreate a comforting space by adjusting your interior walls for the upcoming cooler months:

1. Earthy colour palettes

Nothing says cosy than curling up by a fire with a cup of tea and spending time with your loved ones. Even without a functional fire place, you can still recreate that heartwarming feeling by including dark tones of browns, greens, maroons and skin tones into your wall colours. Whether you opt for a single colour coat or combine two shades for a contrasting dual tone, your space will feel more at ease surrounded by earth colours.

2. Wooden accents

Another way to introduce the feel of comfort is by decorating your walls with rustic and antique accessories. Playing with timber textures adds depth to your room. Multiple textures add an extra dimension to your room, making your space feel fuller, perfect for snuggling in.

3. Mood enhancing lighting

As we move into the cooler months, the sun doesn’t stay out as long. Therefore, lighting has a massive effect on the overall atmosphere of a room. During the cool Autumn nights, you should consider having warm lighting to create a comfortable ambience in your home.

4. Patterned wall art

Multiple textures are a great way to add depth and warmth to any room. If decorating with different textured accessories isn’t an option for your home, you can also incorporate intricate patterns and wall art. From textured wallpaper to geometrical patterns, having a bold and lively wall art can create the contrast you need in your space to even out the coolness of the Autumn air.

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