Has the Winter chill made you miss the great outdoors? If you’re in the middle of renovating or building a new home and want to incorporate a natural feeling on the outside, you can paint your exteriors in a variety of earthy tones. Transform your home into a cosy, natural retreat with these organic colour palettes:

1. Bask in the light with shades of yellows

Reflect the joys of Summer in your exterior paint with highlights of yellow. With a neutral base, any kind of yellow trim or accent will make your home pop. The juxtapose of a clean cut colour base will make the yellow accents look like rays of sunshine on your home’s exterior features.

2. Embrace the bay with bright blues

Bring home the beach vibes with a colour palette full of bright and pastel blues. Complete the beachside look by combining your choice of blue with white. You can also accent with other light colours like pale yellow to enhance the getaway atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

3. Explore the suburban jungle with saturated earth tones

Stand out in your concrete world with exteriors that scream rainforest. Paint your exterior walls with botanical-inspired colours like a military green or other subtle dark greens, shades of brown, and burgundy. For an added contrast combine the natural tones with shades of neutral creams, greys and navy blues.

4. Invite the bohemian life with subtle orange hues

Warm and welcoming, orange is a fiery colour when presented in its bright primary tone. However, turn it down a notch and orange as a saturated hue becomes more of a soft, natural colour. Shades of terra cotta, peach and burnt orange bring out timber textures beautifully and make your home look chic, homely and one with nature.

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