Trends come and go, and with the new year in full swing, there’s plenty of innovative colour choices that are being implemented in modern design. For instance, the colour Ultra Violet, hailed as the colour of 2018 by Colour Institute Pantone is taking over fashion choices, interior colour choices and other bespoke designs.

But with the exterior design of homes, it’s not always easy picking up the latest trend of painting in Melbourne. The unpredictable weather and variety of tastes in the city mean that a trend quickly becomes a fad or change too fast for a proper paint job to be set in stone.

Exterior paints are never a quick and easy task to pull off. If you’re in the middle of renovating your home and looking for timeless over trendy colour schemes, here are 4 classic hues and combinations for your exterior walls:

1 Muted tones

There’s plenty of benefits with playing it safe with your exterior colours. From easy maintenance to saving you time and money repainting to suit modern trends or accidental colour clashes. A sure-fire way to ensure your home is painted with longevity in mind is through neutral colours. Subtle shades of creams, whites and greys are examples of colours that will give your home an easy to approach feel while still having a pleasant and modern aesthetic.

2 Minimalist approach

A monochromatic approach doesn’t always mean boring. With a plethora of homes trying to mix and match a variety of trendy colours, a simple and succinct scheme often stands out. Simply choose from having a light or dark colour scheme and stick with a solid colour you can maintain throughout all the different sections of your home’s exterior. Whether your home is a pristine white through its walls and trimmings, or a few shades of grey, keeping a consistent colour palette is a fundamental design rule that will never be outdated.

3 Shades of pastel

Pastel colours may seem to faint or broad to be a classic colour scheme for your exteriors. But what sets light shades of blue, pinks and lavenders is that they create a calming and welcoming atmosphere for your house. Pastel blues, greens and purples reflect the calm oceans while light yellows and pinks are a great way to introduce fun colours without being too overbearing.

4 Play with primary colours

If you want to be bold but know you won’t want to change your exterior paint until necessary you can still include bright, stand out colours in your palette. Trends often include eccentric shades, but if you want your exteriors to stay timeless and stylish utilise primary colours instead. Use solid colours of yellow, blue or red to create focal points, accents or highlights. Then combine them with neutral colours for the majority of exterior surface. Together your home will have a clear edge while also maintaining a look that will be fashionable for years to come.

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