Your home is unique and distinctive to you and your family. When you are thinking about painting your house, make sure you choose colours that highlight how different your personal space can be. In the field of interior painting, there are a number of do’s and don’ts, and chasing the crowd is often the safest option.

But, when it comes to reviving your home, you can sure experiment with less predictable colours. Of course, you can always choose from whites, beiges and neutrals but what about the less common colours? We thought we would have a look at these underdogs and draw attention to 4 interior paint colours that we think would totally enhance the look of your home.

  • Purple – Don’t want to follow the crowd? Want to paint your bedroom with some extraordinary and off-beat colour? Go for purple. Purple can be polarising but its eccentric. People might love it or hate it. Whether you want to spice up your room or paint a small part of your bedroom, purple can be flexible. Consider a light-toned purple like violet. Light shades of purple like violet or lavender can be a unique and refreshing choice for your walls. Whichever ways you use purple in your homes – you’ll be sure to be a part of the brave few who do. 
  • Yellow – It is really difficult to not feel happy when you are looking at yellow. It is an extremely welcoming and a cheerful colour. Yellow can easily be adapted to your interior painting because it can give out a bold vibe without being empowering. Whatever shade of yellow you go for, it is set to add a splash of happy and cheerful tone to your space. It looks amazing for accent walls if you want just a tint of colour in your room without undertaking a huge project.
  • Green – Green is an absolute underdog when it comes to interior painting. It is known as blue’s little brother. So, if you want to go for an easy-going feel of blue, along with being different, consider green – the colour of healing. Green is a soothing colour that would make any space look calm and peaceful. It can be eccentric and bold when used in darker shades and create a more traditional look in lighter shades.
  • Orange – Often, orange gets the attribution for being annoying and obnoxious. This is justified. But, we think otherwise. The lighter shades of orange like burnt orange can entirely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Burnt orange can appear welcoming without becoming too intensifying. We would suggest burnt orange in rooms to make your space look cozy and welcoming, but the final choice is yours!

The above mentioned 4 colours are undervalued and at times, tricky to pull off. If you are unsure about how to go about with the process, our professional painters at Konnstruct would be more than happy to help you with the entire process. We have been serving people across Melbourne for more than 23 years and specialise in quality work and excellent customer service. To get in touch with our professional painters in Melbourne, give us a call at 0450 743 734 and get your project started.