We spend so much time in the office that it’s often easy for the four walls surrounding us to blur into the background. Most rooms have plain white walls, giving the space a clean look that can feel sterile after a while.

The right colours don’t just have aesthetic appeal. Colours can also subconsciously affect moods.

Thinking of revamping your office space by painting your walls? Whether you’ve got a DIY project or hiring painters in Melbourne, picking the right paint is paramount.

Here are a variety of colours you can bring into your office and how it can influence and improve your work environment:

1. Natural Green

Greenery is Pantone’s colour of 2017. Greenery is a calming colour with a natural flair. Being stuck indoors on a beautiful day is one of the many struggles of office work. Include shades of green like Greenery and Kale Green to bring those great outdoor vibes inside.

2. Engaging Blue

According to colour psychology blue is an intellectual colour. Blue hues will keep you and your coworkers mentally stimulated. There are many different shades of blue to enrich your office like Teal, Lapis Blue and Island Paradise.

3. Serene Colours

With plenty of deadlines and focused work, the office can be a stressful place. Lighten the mood by introducing soft colours into your rooms. Light shades like Peach, Lilac, and other soft pastels will feel like a breath of fresh air amidst all the arduous tasks at hand.

4. Colour Pop

Working hard all day doesn’t mean you’re not also allowed to have fun. Liven up your workspace by splashing colours like Pink, Orange, or Yellow through different accents. Create a feature wall, balance it with neutral colours or highlight certain rooms. Including playful colours will brighten your office space by giving it a positive and inspiring atmosphere.

5. Powerful Red

The office can sometimes feel like a battlefield. It’s you versus the workload. Energise and rally your coworkers by adding splashes of purple or red in the office. Red represents physical strength. Because of its boldness, red paint should be balanced with neutral shades like grey, black and white.

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