Plaster is a versatile material. It helps protect and seal surfaces. But plastering can also be used as a decorative tool.

Decorative plastering or faux finishes enable you to try out a new way to revamp your interior walls.

Faux finishes are a great alternative to ordinary wall paint. If you’re thinking of renovating your Melbourne home’s interior look, consider these 5 decorative finishes to revamp your walls:

1. Moroccan

A Moroccan plaster finish is sophisticated and versatile. Moroccan is a traditional lime finish that creates a contemporary smooth and elegant look on any surface.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate a Moroccan finish in your home. Whether you want its lustrous, smooth look throughout your home or in separate areas, Moroccan holds the room together for a full interior vibe.

2. Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a luxury surface finish. Often described as a mirror finish, Venetian plastering creates an illusion of depth and texture through its highly polished and reflective finish.

Mirror finishes create a lustrous marble feel perfect for columns and walls where you want to accentuate a lavish atmosphere. Venetian plastering are also perfect for splashback areas like bathrooms, toilets and laundries.

3. Metallic Plaster

Have your walls shimmer and shine with a coat of metallic plaster. Metallic plaster is a thick and often water-based plaster that comes in a variety of colours. The water-base of the plaster also makes it easy to clean up.

Metallic plasters’ wide range of colours and sleek appearance allows you to reinvent your space to suit your tastes. Metallic plaster finishes make for striking feature walls and innovative surface areas.

4. Clay Plaster

Add texture and warmth to your interior surfaces with clay plastering. Clay plaster is a natural paint alternative that utilises marble dust for a glistening effect in ambient light.
What makes clay plastering different from other smooth finishes is its earthy look. Your home will be transformed into a rustic, wholesome space with clay plastering.

5. Otsumigaki

Otsumigaki is a traditional Japanese interior clay & lime plaster. It’s a natural mixture of fine white clay, sands and lime. The Japanese finish is a subtle, smooth appearance that creates a calming atmosphere in any room.

Unlike other bold finishes, Otsumigaki is ideal for serene interiors. If you want to tone down your home, a harmonious Otsumigaki finish is for you.

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