Whether you use your home office as a personal study or a dedicated space to run your business, productivity is key. Maintaining a positive work environment is crucial to efficiency.

One of the many ways you can enhance your workspace is by including an uplifting feature wall. Whether you’re a DIY renovator or need the help of one of our house painters in Melbourne, here are 5 creative feature walls to boost your performance in your home office:

1. Motivational Words

Affirmations are fantastic motivators to improve productivity. From motivational posters to self-help books and daily inspiring quotes, there are plenty of ways we get inspired by optimistic words. Find your favourite quote and display it on your wall, so you always have the words to power you through the slumps of the day.

2. The Psychology of Colour

A simple change of colour is refreshing enough to get the juices flowing. If you’re after a simple feature will create an inspiring focal point in your study by painting it with a hue that contrasts the rest of the room. Different colours can spread different moods. For instance, Yellow is a bright colour that represents optimism and can cheer up the room. Whereas, hues of Blue are calming and excellent for keeping the stress levels low. Understanding how you work and what mood you need to get the job done will help you find the perfect colour for your feature wall.

3. Brainstorm Central

Are you always stuck trying to look for all your different notes and ideas on paper? A whiteboard or chalkboard feature wall can help you map out and keep track of all your plans. Having a blank canvas helps you visualise your thoughts and takes away the worries of accidentally throwing away your notes or not saving documents online.

4. Tender Love and Care

It’s easy to get lost in your work. Bring the love and support you get from your friends and family into your home office. You can use your feature wall to showcase your loved ones. Decorate the space with pictures and portraits of the people in your life that keep you going.

5. Indoor Garden

Including plants in your home and office has a variety of health and psychological benefits. From circulating cleaner air to reducing stressors like anxiety and fatigue, you can use your feature wall as a hanging garden. A dedicated wall for natural greenery is a refreshing way to keep you motivated throughout the day.

Want to bring more inspiration to your private study? Get in touch with the Konnstruct team today. We can help you create the perfect feature wall for your home office. From design to installation our feature wall experts can bring your vision to life. Call us now on 0450 743 734 to discuss your project.