The worst part about small kitchens is that they feel restricted and unwelcoming. And, this would probably be the last thing you would want to experience in a room you spend your maximum time in. Designing a kitchen that is welcoming and spacious will make you want to stay in longer, cook the perfect grandma’s old recipes and enjoy your space.

Even if you have the budget to get your kitchen renovated or not, you will want to choose the perfect colours that will make your space look bigger and engaging. Our kitchen colour ideas will open up your kitchen and give you a sense of comfort in the busy room.

1. Subtle Colours
Subtle and light colours have the tendency to open up the kitchen. Whites are always the best choice when you want to brighten up a room because they redirect light and create a retracting effect on the walls. Additionally, the uniformity of this colour makes the room look bigger. You can experiment with various shades of whites, creams and beiges for more intensity in your kitchen.

2. A Contrast Colour Scheme
You should consider getting an accent wall designed for your small kitchen to enhance its space. This will make the wall seem to recede, maximising the space in the kitchen.
Paint one wall of your kitchen in a deeper colour than the other walls. The difference in the colours of cabinetry, walls and countertops will make your space appear larger than it actually is.

3. Creative Wall Patterns
Floor coverings and decorated walls can increase the mess and make your space look small and congested, but some patterns have the opposite effect. Oversized chevrons or diamonds tend to draw diagonal patterns making your eyes move from one room to other, making your space look wider than it actually is.

4. The Trim
For the best effects, use the same colours on the walls as you use on the trim. This will remove visual interruptions and make the ceiling appear taller. And, eventually, it will give a breathing space to your kitchen, by making the space look wide and enhanced.

5. Small Pops of Colours
You might want to keep your walls and cabinets subtle and neutral to give it the effect of a bigger kitchen, but it might become boring. Rather, bring some fun into the boring space by popping them with colours. You can consider mixing sharp hues with light wall hues to expand the space visually. You can also paint the cabinetry in your favourite colour while leaving the rest of the kitchen neutral.

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