There are a variety of ways to spruce up your home. Whether it’s through a new feature wall or an exterior design chance, home renovation time often leads to big, bold changes in the household.

However, for those who want to revitalise their space in a more simplistic, pared back way, minimalism is a power design statement that transforms any space through the subtlety of sophistication.

Whether you and your hubby are novice house painters in Melbourne looking for a clean colour palette or you’re working with professional interior designers and need inspiration, here are 5 innovative ways you can welcome minimalism into your home:

1. Stick to a neutral colour palette

Minimalism is all about a clutter-free look. Bold, striking colours in any of your interior decorations can instantly be too distracting and create a clashing look in your space. By keeping a neutral colour palette with shades of navy and grey between black and white, your home will be able to maintain a simple and chic aesthetic.

2. Don’t be afraid of empty spaces

Some decorators want to utilise every possible nook and cranny when it comes to renovating a space. However, minimal interior calls for plenty of empty spaces. From plenty of floor room to bare walls, empty spaces allow for extra breathing room in your home with an emphasis on maintaining a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

3. Only display the essentials

One of the most striking qualities with minimalist interiors is the effortless cleanliness of the space. A major factor that helps with decluttering your home for a simpler design is by purging your display units. Edit your rooms by storing away any items that don’t have a distinct function in the vicinity, and that can overwhelm your space’s subtle look.

4. Utilise clear lines and flat surfaces

Organization is key with minimalism. A great way to keep big furniture items in sync with a simple colour palette is by sticking to flat surfaces and straight lines. Clear, distinct geometrical shapes can help define areas for a more succinct and coordinated layout.

5. Experiment with textures not colours

Going minimalist doesn’t mean you have to compromise on creating contrasts or focal points in your home. A way you can experiment with juxtapositioning is by playing around with different textures rather than colours. From faux fur throw to metallic accessories like frames or appliances, different materials that maintain your current interior’s minimal colour palette ties the room together rather than disrupting the flow.

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