Spring is a prevalent time for home renovations. With longer days, brighter skies and warmer weather, it’s easier to fit in time to freshen up your home. From buying new furniture to building new rooms from scratch, there are many ways to renovate your place.

Whether you’re a novice or expert painter in Melbourne, an effortless way to liven up your home is by adding a new splash of paint. A coat of a new colour or entire palette for your house is a great way to greet the new season. Welcome Spring into your home with these lively colours and palettes:

1. Natural Pastels

Interior Painter
During Spring we get to witness many of Melbourne’s flora flourish. Reflect the aesthetic of beautiful flowers blooming through soft pastels. Soft pastels are a great way to add vitality to your home. Choose from soft hues like lilacs, mint greens and peach, to add botanic flair to your home.

2. Daring Pink

Interior dark pink
Pink is often a light and dainty colour. But the right shade of pink is also bold and powerful. Using deep pink tones is a unique way to bring a vibrant tone into your desired room or feature wall.

3. Dynamic Yellow

Dynamic Yellow
Yellow is often associated with Summer days. But yellow is such a versatile colour that its different shades suit Spring as well. Highlighting spaces with bright yellow hues are a great way to lighten up your home. Yellow’s versatility will come in handy as the season changes into Summer, as you don’t have to worry about repainting.

4. Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents
Springtime isn’t just for floral decorations. Spring is also for the new. If you want to avoid the floral look but still want to freshen up your home why not add metallic highlights to your rooms. Golds and silvers are currently trending and can also be used in doses instead of entire rooms for a subtle but trendy appeal.

5. Cutting-Edge Green

Cutting Edge Green
Much like vibrant yellows and powerful pinks, green is a colour that stands out while matching Spring time’s well-known natural theme. But with tech green, you get to utilise its natural base with a contemporary vibe. Tech green gives your room the best of both worlds with its modern and natural look.

Choosing the right colour palette is a daunting task. Have Konnstruct’s expert painters in Melbourne help with all your painting needs. Our friendly staff of painters for Melbourne homes will help you pick, choose and apply your fresh coat of paint for Spring.