Think you’re limited space means you can’t transform your room with a brand new interior design? Think again. There are plenty of ways to revamp your walls can easily make your small room look bigger. If you need help designing the interior of a limited area here are 5 ways to spruce of the walls of your petite room:

1. Geometrical Wallpaper

The lack of space doesn’t mean you can’t include an interesting wallpaper. While it can seem that a patterned wallpaper will only make your room feel smaller, the right one adds depth and allusion of space instead. Choose a minimalistic geometric pattern that’s monochromic in colour, and use it on a feature wall to really emphasise the idea of a larger space.

2. Light colour palette

A common issue with small bedrooms is how easy they clutter up. That’s why when you’re choosing anything from furniture to textiles, lighter shades of colour are ideal. Your colour palette has a major influence on the ambience of your small bedroom. By incorporating calm tones of light blues, neutrals and keeping avoiding bold colours you’ll be able to reinforce a more airy and welcoming atmosphere in the room.

3. Feature artwork

Your choice of decorations doesn’t have to be limited just because your space is. Use your walls to feature signature pieces. Whether you decide on one large artwork or a collection of smaller pieces, displaying graphic designs on your walls is a simple and clutter-free way to add decor in your small bedroom without taking up too much floor space.

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4. Mirrors

Want to expand the feel of your small bedroom without having to repaint your walls? Mirrors are the perfect way to expand the space without having to do any major renovating to your space. Simply use a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall. When positioned correctly, the mirror should be able to reflect the natural light in your space, adding the illusion of a more expansive area.

5. Floating shelves

Lack of storage can be a major issue in smaller bedrooms. When there’s only room for necessities like a bed, wardrobe and maybe a dresser, including a bookshelf or bedside table can seem like an indulgence. With floating shelves on your chosen wall, you won’t have to worry about additional bookshelves or storage furniture. You can use floating shelves to display anything you like from books to trinkets and act as a versatile space for style and functionality.

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