Bedroom feature walls are different from other features in the home. Your room is your space. No one else can disturb you in your own privacy. That’s why bedroom decoration is so personal. Whether you’re renovating a kids bedroom, master bedroom or a teenager’s sanctuary, individuality is always key.

Creating a feature wall in a bedroom adds a personalised dimension to the space. If you’re about to start renovating your bedroom, here’s are some simple do’s and don’ts of adding a feature wall to a bedroom:

1. Do consider the whole room

The standing walls aren’t the only place you can feature. Also known as the ‘fifth wall,’ your ceiling is a unique space to turn into a feature wall. Ceiling features are the perfect solution for window-heavy rooms. Having a feature ceiling is also a great way to emphasise the sleeping area below, adding extra intimacy and cosiness to the space.

2. Don’t limit yourself to paint and wallpaper

Adding bold colours and brightly patterned wallpapers is a common way to decorate a feature wall. But there’s more options out there to make your feature wall truly stand out. Consider wall fixtures like book shelves, textures like stone or reclaimed wood or simply emphasising an area using furniture.

3. Do keep it unique

Unlike feature walls in common areas of the house like the living room or kitchen, bedroom feature walls are going to be in someone’s private space. Add that personal touch to a feature wall related to a person’s interests.

Someone who’s fond of art could have a feature wall full of paintings. And someone who uses their room as a relaxation zone can include a serene feature wall with calming colours. Having space reflect someone’s personality is an excellent way to make the bedroom their own.

4. Don’t over-crowd the room

If your bedroom has been decorated heavily with furniture, it may be over-kill trying to force a dramatic feature wall. Aside from adding personality to space, feature walls are also used to balance a room out. If you have a crowded room to decorate calm the chaos with a simple feature wall.

5. Do take advantage of a peculiar layout

Choosing which wall to feature is a tough decision to make. The layout of your room makes a big impact on the wall you decide to decorate. It can be easy just choosing the biggest space to emphasise.

But if your room already has a unique layout, like being under a stairwell or have a single brick wall, why not take advantage of it? Work with the unique design of your bedroom by highlighting these areas instead of trying to hide it.

6. Don’t limit your colour palette

You don’t have to settle with just one feature wall forever. But feature walls are meant to stay relevant for a long time. Instead of picking colour schemes that match your current furniture or trends, paint your wall using flexible colours.

Bed sheets and tastes can change over time, so you should remember that the colour of your feature wall needs to be able to complement the space and adapt to future changes that can occur in the bedroom.

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