There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the exterior paint of your home and it can get overwhelming. Whether you’re hoping to update the look of your place or have your very first home decorate and make your own, here are 7 popular colour schemes and prompts in house painting in Melbourne to get you started:

1. Inviting earthy tones.

Natural colours such as forest greens, coastal blues and sandy yellows are making a comeback with painters in Melbourne. These shades of organic hues matched with the right trim will give your home’s exterior a warm and comforting feel.

2. Shades of grey.

Having an entirely black exterior can seem quite confronting, while white-on-white has lost its novelty. Opting for the middle ground varying grey colours is a chic alternative and a way to create a contemporary statement without compromising too much on style.

3. Crisp, bright trims for contrast.

The trim colour of the house is often advised in Melbourne’s house painting community to stay in the same spectrum as the main exterior colour. However, it’s becoming more and more popular to use the trim as a way to add another dimension to your home. Have a light coloured trim paired with a dark base, or the other way around, to liven up the framing of your house.

4. Dark tones with textured accents.

A lot of brick and stone homes are popping up on the market, which can make it hard to choose the perfect colour palette when the surface area is limited. To bring out the texture of your home try combining it with dark hues of grey for an elegant twist on a textured base.

5. A colour pop with neutral colours.

Textured surfaces aren’t the only features of your exterior that you can highlight. Doors, windows and fences can also benefit from a colour lift. By painting an otherwise unassuming feature of your house with a bright or contrasting colour, you’ll be able to create a unique focal point to your home.

6. Be bold with soft pastels.

Light shades of pinks, blues and yellows often bring a feeling of summery childhood days. But with vintage now becoming the norm in the modern world through clothing and lifestyle choices, it’s also making a fashionable comeback in house painting in Melbourne. Pair your favourite pastel shades with a white trim to give it the ultimate nostalgic vibe.

7. Less is more.

When it all seems a bit too much, and you just want a simple, inviting exterior that will always look good, it’s best to limit your colour palette to two to three basic tones that compliment each other. Whether you opt for limited shades of the same colour or contrast two colours, simple will never go out of style.

It can be a daunting task choosing the perfect exterior paint for your place, let alone applying it. From choosing the colour palette for your first home or wanting a whole new look to renovate your place have Konnstruct’s expert painters in Melbourne help with your next project.