Whether you want to cover up the uninviting marks left on the wall by the previous tenants or homeowners, make your interiors comfier, or you are just bored with the same old look of your living room, there is literally nothing like the effect a fresh coat of paint can have on your room. The best part is you can enliven your spaces without breaking the bank. From modern heterogenous ideas to conventional ones, we have got you covered with these 7 painting techniques.

  • Expand your Living Room with Cool, Reflective Colours

Probably, one of the most common expectations people have in the context of their living rooms is more space. The best way to achieve this is by painting your room with cool colour shades that reflect light like natural and deep blues, greens and purples. These colours can have a depth magnifying effect.

  • Jazz it Up with Bright, Crazy Hues

Go wild and brighten up your living room with a dash of colourful paints. You can go for complimentary bright colours for your décor blended with neutral tones so that your space doesn’t come out as too loud. Try out colours like grenadine, cerulean or yellow flash.

  • Revitalise your Wall with Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Are you tired of the same old single colour walls? Go for geometric patterns and shapes. Geometric shapes like triangles and chevron have the ability to significantly breathe life into your living room.

  • Stencil Your Way to an Unconventional Accent Wall

While stencilling a wall might sound similar to producing geometrically patterned wall, you can enhance your design and take it a step above to create the perfect unconventional and quirky designs to match your unique lifestyle and personality.

  • Give the Darker Shades a Try

Gone are the days when dark walls were regarded as depressing and dulling. If you have a wide living room with open space and lots of natural light coming in, you can go for a rich dark blue or purple shade that looks almost black and can serve as the required transformation for your living room.

  • Stay on Trend with Pantone Colour of the Year

Are you looking for a vibrant and lively colour? A shade like Living Coral – Pantone colour of the year 2019, might just fit the bill. This cheerful and vibrant colour enhances your décor, be it as a stencilled accent wall or a wallpaper and works just well with your comfy living room.

  • Plasterer WindsorBlend the Room Together with a Neutral Palette

Pulling all the components of your living room into a neutral colour scheme will help you amalgamate the space and show an elegant and minimalist taste. These light and neutral paint colours from Konnstruct are just the perfect touches your walls need.

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Picking and selecting the perfect colour for your living room can be super fun if you are clear of what you wish to create. If you are planning to incorporate all the above-mentioned techniques into your living room, call Konnstruct today! We will suggest you exactly what suits your personal style. Get in touch with our Painters in Melbourne today at 0450 743 734.