It’s 2019! It’s about time we move on from the outdated “one red wall” style of accent walls to something trendier and epic. With a dash of colour and texture, you can co-create a beautiful and creative space that can become the focus of any room. Here, we have some original and artistic ideas that you can use to perk up your outdated accent walls.


  • Refresh it with Paint – Of course, you can add one splash of bold colour and call it a day, but why would you do that when you have such creative colours to play with. Metallic paints, plasters, textures, stripes, chevrons are all top-notch designs and styles to choose from.  


dash of colour and texture



  • Create with What You Have Got – Before you start picking on what your accent wall should look like, take into account the existing architecture of your room. For instance, if you have a fireplace, you already have an accent wall. All you have to do is pop it up with colours, stonework or fitted bookcases – all of them enough to draw attention to the existing centrepiece.


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  • Show-off Your Snaps – It’s time to say hi to those old pictures you have been storing in your computers or phones. A photo collection or collage is a perfect way to re-create those precious moments while creating an accent wall. To make it look contemporary and fresh, pick 2-3 colours of frames that blend in with each other and create a fusion of texture and style.


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  • Jazz it up with Mirrors and Heirlooms – If you are thinking about what to do with the old grandma’s fine china that is just stored in a box, you have an answer. China dishes, mirrors and platters of all shapes and sizes serve as a unique way to brighten up your dull-looking accent wall. Kitchens and dining rooms are ideal places for this look, but they can work almost anywhere.


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  • Keep it Classic with Wallpapers – Another timeless trend that’s making a comeback is wallpapers. Don’t believe it? With the coming of easy to apply and remove wallpapers, you can create a design and space that you like, without getting into long-term commitments.

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  • A Window for the Traveller – For nature lovers and travel bugs, an accent wall mural is the best choice to be made. Murals are easy to install and a sure-shot smash hit for an adventure-freak kid’s room.


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  • Create a Rusty Effect with Natural Bricks – Exposed natural bricks have been creating a designer accent wall in old buildings for several years. The good news is this brick finish has come a long way and is available is a variety of styles from contemporary to antique, that too at a fraction of the price of the real thing.


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  • Warm it up with Wood – From smooth to rustic, wood is the ideal accent wall material that can instantly hit any of your space. Make sure that you paint the other walls of your room with a colour that blends in perfectly with the warm tone of wood, to create a unified look.


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