Whether you are exploring ideas for a new space or thinking of giving a facelift to your old room, incorporating feature walls is the fast and novel way of establishing a fresh look and feel of your space.

Feature walls work as you may invest as much or as little in them and are a convenient alternative to a complete renovation. But before you plunge in the idea, below are a few quick tips to keep in mind.

1. Identify the wall you want to highlight

wall painting highlight
Feature wall is a chosen wall where you want to draw people’s attention. You know that a wall is worth highlighting when eyes are naturally drawn towards it while entering the space.

2. Choose something that you love

poster of an inspirational quote
Be it a life-size poster of an inspirational quote, a concealed light strip, painted wooden frames or plants as a living murals, the element you choose to highlight a wall should be some time you like or appreciate. This for a simple reason that you will better enjoy your space and feel inspired by it.

3. Invest time in choosing the right colour.

thumb rule with colours
The thumb rule with colours as many would know is that darker shades on the walls make them appear closer and lighter shades make the room seem bigger. Take time to think the colour you want the mural, paint or artwork to be. Above all think of the colour which is conducive to the theme and purpose of the room.

4. Ensure there is sufficient contrast.

Ensure there is sufficient contrast
Though the feature wall is the star of your room, the adjacent walls can enhance the drama either by being highlighted as a difference or complementing the featured wall colour by being in lighter shades of the featured wall colour.

5. Develop proportion and balance with the use of furniture.

Develop proportion and balance
Soft furnishings like your favorite ornate chair, a chimney breast, antique statues placed in the backdrop of the feature walls, further compliment the look of the wall which you have featured.

6. Be bold and make a statement.

Be bold and make a statement
Opting to have a feature wall in your space is a bold enough step. Tap the initiative to its full potential and make it more enjoyable by setting the theme for the room and highlighting what is important to you. It can be your paintings, memorable photographs, folk stories you are want to give a prominent spot. Implementing such an idea is bound to make your wall unique.

7. Consider storage.

Consider storage
Engaging an entire wall as artwork for your room, especially with little-inbuilt storage space, may block your potential area for stacking books and mementos. It could be the time to think out of the box and have the floor to ceiling storage as your feature wall. This way you not only put your accessories and mementos for display but get a storage space too.