In Australia, the high consumption of internet and social media means that we are hit by international trends quicker. While many fads have come and gone, the following 7 trends in wall painting decoration are here to stay.


Terracotta wall painting
The matte finished terracotta tiles add a rustic look to your interiors. It is a timeless classic that brings forth images of relaxing Mediterranean retreats and gorgeous Spanish Revival interiors. Terracotta tiles come in the budget and can also withhold the wear and tear over the years. Terracotta can be used in cladded fireplaces or as feature walls in bathrooms.


Cork painting
Not only does cork adds style and warmth to your room but is good for noise absorption. Cork tiles available in various stores make for a versatile decorating option for the home, office, garage or workshop. They accentuate the interior wall and act as a great pin up board in study rooms, dining spaces or near a bedside.

The textured wall in neutral colors.

Textured wall in neutral
If you have a textured wall in your interiors, either by choice or design, you can do a big deal out of it. Splash it with zesty colors or neutral combinations. And if have want one, there are many tools and techniques to add textures to the mundane interiors.

Two toned walls in complementing colors.

Toned walls in complementing
Create a two-tone magic by using complementary colors either on a feature wall or throughout the room. This is one of the simplest ways to smarten up your room or give a different.

Cobalt blue transforms the room.

Cobalt blue transform
The bold blue adds a strong personality to your living space and also acts as a great backdrop for tan leathers and brass lamps. It also compensates for the lack or minimal decoration that you may have.

Contrasting wall colors with furniture.

Wall colors with furniture
If you like making a huge impact and flaunt your hidden designer in you, opt for contrasting wall colors with your furniture. Using the soft furnishings of your home to add to the drama, reflect your well thought of plan towards grooming the looks of the interior.

Geometric Goodness.

Geometric Goodness
Get the edge. Incorporate the patterns and geometry on the walls. Though requires a bit of practice of you are planning to DIY, there is a range of wallpapers available in a different pattern to give a twist without hurting your pockets and still stay trendy.