The beginning of the new year is always full of reflection, change and renovation. From big splashes to subtle moves, there are plenty of ways to embrace the fresh start that every new year brings.

If your new year’s resolution is to enlighten your lounge area, a simple colour change can be just the boost your space needs. Here are 7 trending colours to inspire all novice and expert house painters in Melbourne:

1. Deep Red

While primary red is already a bold colour on its own, a Deep Red gives you a more refined intensity. Deep Red interior walls give the room an elegant confidence boost, perfect for creating a rich atmosphere to host your guests.

2. Oval Room Blue

Oval Room Blue is a beautifully calming colour that lightens any space its in. Bring back memories of Summer holidays at the beach with blue walls or use it as a feature wall to make its peaceful look the focal point of your living room.

3. Bottle Green

The deep hue of bottle green is a vintage shade that creates a classic vibe for your lounge room. Complete the nostalgic look by decorating the rest of your room accordingly with bespoke furniture.

4. Pink Blush

Pink Blush is being heralded as the “millennial pink”. The subdued salmon colour balances sophistication and innocence, ideal for those looking for a refreshing and chic look.

5. Vibrant Yellow

Bring the optimism of a fresh start into your living room by incorporating vibrant yellow into your interior design. Whether you utilise the striking colour for a captivating feature wall or cover the entire room in the energising colour, your lounge room will always have a dynamic appearance with vibrant yellow walls.

6. Dusk

Much like the name suggests, dusk is an in-between colour. Not quite blue, but not quite grey, Dusk is an adaptable shade that works well with a variety of other decorations.

7. Ultra Violet

The empowering purple shade is Pantone’s colour of the year. Utilise the bold colour to add gravitas to your lounge room, engage your guests with a unique purple feature wall or combine it with neutral tones for a more balanced atmosphere.


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