Are you looking to revamp your interiors? Bored of the same old look of your walls?

Sometimes the key to getting a fresh look to your house need not be about replacing old furnishings with buying new and more expensive sofas, carpets or lamp shades. It could just be about focusing on the four walls surrounding your space.

The four walls of your room hold the key to the final looks of your space. A quick, smart and often economical solution is feature walls. The new vogue among interior decorators, a feature wall is about highlighting one of the walls in a unique way.

We bring here 9 simple ideas which are sure to tickle your imagination and get you thinking.

1. Oversized prints framed.

Prints framed
Line up oversized framed prints either of Nature or geometrical patterns strategically on one of the walls. Be cautious in choosing the designs which compliment or contrast the shade of your wall or floors.

2. Patterned wallpaper.

Patterned wallpaper
Wallpaper is not everyone’s thing but the good part about wallpaper is that it quickly transforms the look and feel of the wall, without any mess around wet paints. Get your creative juices flowing by creating interesting patterns with textures wallpapers. This also ensures that no matter how trite your chosen wallpaper is, the wall art will be unique to your house.

3. Get the Ombre effect.

Ombre effect
Ombre effect is fading parts of the patterns on the wallpaper to highlight the pattern where you want to. This creates a unique and stylised look to your walls. Done using spray paints, it’s best to seek professional service.

4. Pad the wall.

Pad the wall
Well suited for bedrooms, padded walls as a headboard for the bed is a unique and trending vogue in feature walls for bedrooms. Having inbuilt shelves add functionality and ease for day to day storage of books, reading glasses etc.

5. Cluster photo frames for a wall collage.

Photo frames
Arrange a cluster of photographs in frames by strategically positioning them on a wall you want to highlight. This self-made collage against a bright wall imparts personal touch and warmth to the bricks and walls.

6. Bookcases on walls.

Bookcases on walls
Want to flaunt your massive book collection? Showcase them on a bookcase on a wall by creating a floor to ceiling library. You may also use it as a divider between two spaces.

7. Wall murals add personality.

Wall murals add personality
Pick up the paint, get creative and claim your space. If you are confident enough, paint a mural yourself or otherwise seek professional help in beautifying the bland wall and breathing in life to it.

8. Use fabric screens.

Use fabric screens
If you rent a space and are unable to colour the wall, use fabric like silk or jute as a wall furnishing to make the wall stand out. The best thing about the idea is that you can stitch pillow cases or table covers in the same fabric to augment the effect.

9. Colour the ceiling instead.

Colour the ceiling instead
While we often think about featuring walls, have you given a thought about painting your ceiling instead? Use intelligent ways of tackling the fifth wall. While using the same shade as that of the floor could be some people’s choice, taking the same colour from the wall to the ceiling could be others taste.