Desire an exquisite interior? Wondering what will bring the wow factor and uplift your bathrooms, kitchens to another level? The answer lies here.

Enhance your home decor ideas by replicating the look of heritage ceiling, incorporating a fireplace surround or with custom made scallop domes as down lights. How? The use of plaster is no longer limited to just giving the smooth finish to your walls or making it leak proof. Below are the trailblazers leading the way in wall plastering.

1. Ceiling roses and cornices.

Richness never goes out of style. Same with ornate ceilings. This delight from the Victorian era is finding a place in Melbourne homes and commercial establishments. The fact that you can get it customised as per your space, budget and choice are gravitating a lot of owners to incorporate ceiling rose and cornices in the lobby, lounge and over the stairways.

2. Fireplace surround.

Get innovative with space around your fireplace and border it with a fireplace surround- be it plastered arches, or mini pillars, a smart use of plastering can make it the centre of attraction.

3. Kitchen corbels.

Turn your house into a home. Brush your personality in the room which most highly used in a household- kitchen. The plaster corbels gel well at any stage of remodeling the house. It could either be an addon to your existing design or incorporated while redesigning from scratch. So whether you are building or renovating, enhance the appeal by incorporating the corbels not just in the kitchen but also over bookshelves, fireplaces and instantly elevate the interiors to another level.

4. Replicate the artwork from surrounding pieces.

Create a unison theme on your walls or ceiling by extending the colors or patterns from the soft furnishings around the space and incorporating them into the designs.

5. Custom made scallop domes.

Get an exclusive look by opting for custom made scallop domes as light holders. Made of plaster, this is the latest trend in creating surprise and wonder in your ceiling. This not just creates a unique look to your interior but hard to go out of style.

6. Arches in the connecting walls.

Curves add beauty. Uplift a plain entryway into a stunning entrance by chucking the corner and opting for curves. Plastered arches add the elegance and character to an area and are easy to incorporate.

7. Plaster columns.

This timeless beauty has been imparting it magic and magnificence for ages. Ne it lobbies of grand hotels, halls, and museums, we all have been facilitated by tall columns. Recreate the effect in your home by having mini plaster columns which add theatrics to the interiors. Be it a fireplace, bookshelves, passageway.

8. Adams panel.

Old world craftsmanship, attention to details in not the thing of the past. Adams panel brings the same style, specialised architecture, and modeling to your ceiling. Breathtaking, the schemes and patterns emboldened on the face of the ceiling is sure to impress one and all.

9. Exterior arches and curved skirting.

Enhance your curb appeal and get the Federation style look by connecting the pillars with opulent arches and skirting. With changing outdoor light conditions, exterior arches create the drama and effect you have desired for all the while.