Whether it’s your make-up, the colour of your car or the appearance of your living room, colours have a way of making a unique statement.

With a wide variety of colours to choose from, painting is the perfect way to express your individual personality and create walls that sparkle, at a fraction of the cost of other home improvement projects. But, it is a time-consuming and tedious job, often frustrating too. Therefore, homeowners want their paint job to last as long as possible and avoid the chances of the paint wearing off. But, what majority of them overlook is the most significant element contributing to a durable paint job – the preparation.
Here are our 5 expert tips to get the most out of your painting job and make it last longer.

  • Avoid Dampness or In-Home Humidity

Have you already thought about painting your home? If yes, do what it takes to keep the moisture inside your home low. Even if the protection inside your home is great, in-home humidity can always find its way to your walls and ruin your paint job. Check for any kind of cracks and leaking pipes in your kitchen and bathroom. Identify, repair and control the source of moisture for a long-lasting paint job.
PRO Tip – Cement board cladding and wall tiles are effective ways to safeguard against damp walls.

  • Apply Casting Plaster for a Sleek Finish

Casting plaster is used to fill any holes, cracks or uneven surfaces in the walls. It is applied on the plaster and gives a levelled base for a perfect wall finish on which the paint colour can settle.
PRO Tip – Do not forget to sand the Casting Plaster

  • Prime, Then Paint (ALWAYS!)

The key to a beautifully painted home is not buying the costliest paint colour, but priming before you paint. Primer seals the walls and creates a perfect base for binding the paint so that the paint does not shed or flake. It adds life and makes the paint colours look richer. Make sure that the primer is given 8-10 hours of drying time before you start the application.
PRO Tip – Before you apply primer, clean and scrape the walls thoroughly to free them from dust and dirt.

  • Keep the Surfaces Clean

For long-lasting effects and a brand-new look, clean your walls and wipe them with a damp cloth every few months. If you find fungus growing in any of the painted areas, give it a separate treatment. As a DIY tip, you can make a solution of chlorine bleach and water in the ratio 1:3 and apply to the affected areas.
PRO Tip – Do not use low-quality paints. Bad quality paints may thin out and leave patches when wiped or cleaned.

  • Hire the Professionals

If you want to get your job done, the perfect way, call the professionals at Konnstruct. Our expert house painters in Melbourne will provide your home with a beautiful paint job and also suggest you with innovative home painting ideas. To get started today, give us a call at 0450 743 734. and we will take care of everything else.