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4 Cosy Ways To Decorate Your Walls This Autumn

Summer days never last long enough here in Melbourne. Sometimes it feels like the Autumn days come too soon. If you decorated your space to reflect sunshine and bright blue skies you may considering revamping your home with a more warming atmosphere. Changing your entire house can be a...

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4 Timeless Colour Palettes To Inspire Exterior Painters in Melbourne

Trends come and go, and with the new year in full swing, there’s plenty of innovative colour choices that are being implemented in modern design. For instance, the colour Ultra Violet, hailed as the colour of 2018 by Colour Institute Pantone is taking over fashion choices, interior colour choices...

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How To Prepare Your Home For Exterior Painting

As a house painters in Melbourne, it’s tricky dealing with the unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. Unlike other states that have consistent forecasts, we’re renowned for experiencing 4 seasons in one day. When you’re renovating a house, it’s easy to spruce up the interior design throughout the year. However,...

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5 Minimalism Interior Design Tips For Your Home

There are a variety of ways to spruce up your home. Whether it’s through a new feature wall or an exterior design chance, home renovation time often leads to big, bold changes in the household. However, for those who want to revitalise their space in a more simplistic, pared...

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How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colour For Your Home

Summer is one of the most popular times to add a fresh new coat of paint on your exteriors. While some days can be unbearably hot, the extra sunshine does help house painters in Melbourne as it takes significantly less time for the paint to dry and gives you...

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7 Vibrant Colour Trends To Revitalise Your Living Room

The beginning of the new year is always full of reflection, change and renovation. From big splashes to subtle moves, there are plenty of ways to embrace the fresh start that every new year brings. If your new year’s resolution is to enlighten your lounge area, a simple colour...

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4 Major Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your Interior Walls

Do you know how often you need to repaint your interior walls? It’s easy for the inside of your home to be forgotten. While there are no fixed rules as to how often you need to repaint, there are tell-tale signs that a fresh coat of paint will benefit...

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5 Decorative Finishes To Spruce Up Your Interior Walls

Plaster is a versatile material. It helps protect and seal surfaces. But plastering can also be used as a decorative tool. Decorative plastering or faux finishes enable you to try out a new way to revamp your interior walls. Faux finishes are a great alternative to ordinary wall paint....

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