7 trends you may have missed about wall painting decoration.

In Australia, the high consumption of internet and social media means that we are hit by international trends quicker. While many fads have come and gone, the following 7 trends in wall painting decoration are here to stay. Terracotta. The matte finished terracotta tiles add a rustic look to...

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9 Trailblazers Leading the Way in Plastering Walls

Desire an exquisite interior? Wondering what will bring the wow factor and uplift your bathrooms, kitchens to another level? The answer lies here. Enhance your home decor ideas by replicating the look of heritage ceiling, incorporating a fireplace surround or with custom made scallop domes as down lights. How?...

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Feature Walls Which Will Inspire You

9 simple ideas for feature walls which will inspire you.

Are you looking to revamp your interiors? Bored of the same old look of your walls? Sometimes the key to getting a fresh look to your house need not be about replacing old furnishings with buying new and more expensive sofas, carpets or lamp shades. It could just be...

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Fall / Winter trends for interior wall colours 2017-2018.

If you are considering changing the wall colour you most likely want the one which blends both tradition and modernity. We have the choicest picks for you to skip the do-overs and pick the perfect trend in the first go. Pick subtle pastels and soft naturals. 2017 is not...

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Lay Out and Paint Stripes on Interior Walls in 5 easy steps.

Give your blank walls a makeover by choosing stripes. With slight variations in thickness and distance between stripes, you can manipulate the look and tone of your interiors. While horizontal lines make the room look wider, vertical lines give a virtual height to the room. The trick in the...

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Painter Melbourne

Earthen Plaster for Your Home – How good are they?

If you want a novel finish to your interiors, earthen plastering could be just the one for you. Earthen plaster is a blend of clay, aggregates and fibre that is more suitable for interior walls than exteriors. This old method of plastering home interiors though not very commonly spotted...

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How to choose interior paint for your home?

A painting job well done makes all the difference to your space. Your choice of colour-vibrant or pastel, oil or matte is going to give that final look to the home, you have so fondly built or bought. Hence choosing interior paint for your home could get tricky and...

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7 awesome painting tips for beginners to master the craft

Painting is an artform, and that certainly doesn’t change when it’s throwing up a fresh coat on the walls of your home in our eyes. Anyone that has embarked on their own interior painting project can tell you, though, it isn’t as easy as it seems. This article is...

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KONNSTRUCT picks up an award!

The team at KONNSTRUCT are thrilled to have picked up a recognition for our community and local business engagement from Jetts fitness centre in Bentleigh East. Jetts is a leading 24 hour fitness centre in Bentleigh East, providing both a fun and friendly environment to work out in. The...

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How to paint wooden flooring

Painting solid wooden floors that are a few years old can bring them to life. But what is the best way of going about it? 1.)The first step is preparing the surface. Start the process by scuff-sanding the flooring using 150-grit sandpaper. Hand sanding the wooden flooring will not...

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