Kichen Colour Idea

5 Kitchen Colour Ideas for Small Kitchens

The worst part about small kitchens is that they feel restricted and unwelcoming. And, this would probably be the last thing you would want to experience in a room you spend your maximum time in. Designing a kitchen that is welcoming and spacious will make you want to stay...

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Home Decor

Ways to Glam-up your Homes with a Well-Selected Exterior Paint Idea!

A well-known quote by Stephen Gardiner goes like “The interior of the house personifies the real world, the exterior of it is the part of the outside world.” Usually, people create a first impression of your house looking at the exteriors before stepping into the well-decorated interiors. Therefore, choosing...

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Indore Home Decor

Get the Perfect Looking Walls with Solid Plastering!

Are you fascinated by the perfect looking walls that are almost flawless and extremely smooth? Do you think such walls are only limited to videos and magazines and cannot exist in real life? If yes, we are sure you might never have heard about solid plastering. Solid plastering is...

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arched window architecture blue sky

4 Stunning Natural Exterior Colour Palettes

Has the Winter chill made you miss the great outdoors? If you’re in the middle of renovating or building a new home and want to incorporate a natural feeling on the outside, you can paint your exteriors in a variety of earthy tones. Transform your home into a cosy,...

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Sofa Design

Why You Should Invest In Quality Plastering

Plastering your walls isn’t a luxury or add-on something, it’s an essential part of any interior something. Proper plastering doesn’t just give your walls a smooth finish and cover up the dents, it can also completely revitalise the interior design of your home. Here are 3 main reasons why...

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bed bedroom curtains

5 Wall Design Tips For Small Bedrooms

Think you’re limited space means you can’t transform your room with a brand new interior design? Think again. There are plenty of ways to revamp your walls can easily make your small room look bigger. If you need help designing the interior of a limited area here are 5...

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painters Bayside

5 Tips For Renovating Your Exteriors During Winter

Melbourne’s winter season is in full swing. While everyone’s busy hibernating, you may considering renovating your home so it’s ready for Spring. If you’re thinking of revamping your home with a new coat of paint or fixing up the plastering now make sure to keep these tips in mind:...

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residential plastering

Feature Wall Do’s And Don’ts

A quality feature wall enhances any room. From the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom and living room, feature walls balance the functionality of tying a room together while also making its space stand out. Whether you’re hiring professional house painters in Melbourne or wanting to try DIY plastering,...

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Painters Melbourne

Planning Tips For Your Home’s Interior Design

When you’re in the middle of renovating an entire home, it can be hard keeping on top of all the nitty-gritty details. Whether you’ve hired professional painters in Melbourne or doing DIY plastering, having a plan is essential. Knowing what you’re doing from the very beginning means you don’t...

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