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4 Undervalued Interior Colours for Your Home

Your home is unique and distinctive to you and your family. When you are thinking about painting your house, make sure you choose colours that highlight how different your personal space can be. In the field of interior painting, there are a number of do’s and don’ts, and chasing...

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Why You Should Invest In Quality Plastering

Plastering your walls isn’t a luxury or add-on something, it’s an essential part of any interior something. Proper plastering doesn’t just give your walls a smooth finish and cover up the dents, it can also completely revitalise the interior design of your home. Here are 3 main reasons why...

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5 Decorative Finishes To Spruce Up Your Interior Walls

Plaster is a versatile material. It helps protect and seal surfaces. But plastering can also be used as a decorative tool. Decorative plastering or faux finishes enable you to try out a new way to revamp your interior walls. Faux finishes are a great alternative to ordinary wall paint....

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6 Do’s And Don’ts Of Bedroom Feature Walls

Bedroom feature walls are different from other features in the home. Your room is your space. No one else can disturb you in your own privacy. That’s why bedroom decoration is so personal. Whether you’re renovating a kids bedroom, master bedroom or a teenager’s sanctuary, individuality is always key....

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5 Colour Tips To Freshen Up Your Office Space

We spend so much time in the office that it’s often easy for the four walls surrounding us to blur into the background. Most rooms have plain white walls, giving the space a clean look that can feel sterile after a while. The right colours don’t just have aesthetic...

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Do’s And Don’ts Of DIY Plastering

There are 3 main stages of plastering: preparing the area and plaster, plastering the wall and maintenance afterwards. Whether you’re a novice or plastering pro, there are still many ways for a DIY plastering job can go wrong. Check out these tips and tricks on DIY plastering for your...

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