5 Refreshing Paint Colours And Palettes For Your Home

Spring is a prevalent time for home renovations. With longer days, brighter skies and warmer weather, it’s easier to fit in time to freshen up your home. From buying new furniture to building new rooms from scratch, there are many ways to renovate your place. Whether you’re a novice...

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4 Creative Ways To Add A Feature Wall For Your Child’s Room.

Feature walls aren’t just for the main areas of your house. Any room can have a feature wall, including your kids’ bedroom. Unlike the shared space in your home, your little one’s feature wall is an original and one-of-a-kind representation of themselves. The perfect feature wall should match your...

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7 quick tips before you choose a fancy feature wall

Whether you are exploring ideas for a new space or thinking of giving a facelift to your old room, incorporating feature walls is the fast and novel way of establishing a fresh look and feel of your space. Feature walls work as you may invest as much or as...

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7 trends you may have missed about wall painting decoration.

In Australia, the high consumption of internet and social media means that we are hit by international trends quicker. While many fads have come and gone, the following 7 trends in wall painting decoration are here to stay. Terracotta. The matte finished terracotta tiles add a rustic look to...

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Feature Walls Which Will Inspire You

9 simple ideas for feature walls which will inspire you.

Are you looking to revamp your interiors? Bored of the same old look of your walls? Sometimes the key to getting a fresh look to your house need not be about replacing old furnishings with buying new and more expensive sofas, carpets or lamp shades. It could just be...

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Fall / Winter trends for interior wall colours 2017-2018.

If you are considering changing the wall colour you most likely want the one which blends both tradition and modernity. We have the choicest picks for you to skip the do-overs and pick the perfect trend in the first go. Pick subtle pastels and soft naturals. 2017 is not...

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Lay Out and Paint Stripes on Interior Walls in 5 easy steps.

Give your blank walls a makeover by choosing stripes. With slight variations in thickness and distance between stripes, you can manipulate the look and tone of your interiors. While horizontal lines make the room look wider, vertical lines give a virtual height to the room. The trick in the...

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How to choose interior paint for your home?

A painting job well done makes all the difference to your space. Your choice of colour-vibrant or pastel, oil or matte is going to give that final look to the home, you have so fondly built or bought. Hence choosing interior paint for your home could get tricky and...

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KONNSTRUCT picks up an award!

The team at KONNSTRUCT are thrilled to have picked up a recognition for our community and local business engagement from Jetts fitness centre in Bentleigh East. Jetts is a leading 24 hour fitness centre in Bentleigh East, providing both a fun and friendly environment to work out in. The...

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