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Ways to Glam-up your Homes with a Well-Selected Exterior Paint Idea!

A well-known quote by Stephen Gardiner goes like “The interior of the house personifies the real world, the exterior of it is the part of the outside world.” Usually, people create a first impression of your house looking at the exteriors before stepping into the well-decorated interiors. Therefore, choosing...

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Why You Should Invest In Quality Plastering

Plastering your walls isn’t a luxury or add-on something, it’s an essential part of any interior something. Proper plastering doesn’t just give your walls a smooth finish and cover up the dents, it can also completely revitalise the interior design of your home. Here are 3 main reasons why...

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5 Tips For Renovating Your Exteriors During Winter

Melbourne’s winter season is in full swing. While everyone’s busy hibernating, you may considering renovating your home so it’s ready for Spring. If you’re thinking of revamping your home with a new coat of paint or fixing up the plastering now make sure to keep these tips in mind:...

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How To Prepare Your Home For Exterior Painting

As a house painters in Melbourne, it’s tricky dealing with the unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. Unlike other states that have consistent forecasts, we’re renowned for experiencing 4 seasons in one day. When you’re renovating a house, it’s easy to spruce up the interior design throughout the year. However,...

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How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colour For Your Home

Summer is one of the most popular times to add a fresh new coat of paint on your exteriors. While some days can be unbearably hot, the extra sunshine does help house painters in Melbourne as it takes significantly less time for the paint to dry and gives you...

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4 Creative Ways To Add A Feature Wall For Your Child’s Room.

Feature walls aren’t just for the main areas of your house. Any room can have a feature wall, including your kids’ bedroom. Unlike the shared space in your home, your little one’s feature wall is an original and one-of-a-kind representation of themselves. The perfect feature wall should match your...

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3 Crucial Tactics Of Exterior Painting During Winter.

Winter is a cosy, intimate season where the cold, harsh outdoors is the last place anyone wants to be in. Melbourne’s unpredictable weather continues to create a mix of chilly winds, dry air and the occasional sunshine in the colder months. Despite this, home renovations are still prevalent. There...

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