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A Finish with Flair – 5 Ways How Venetian Plaster Epitomises Elegance

With its glistening finish and subtle texture, Venetian plaster outperforms many traditional wall treatments such as Vinyl and drywall and depicts timeless charm. With a mixture of slaked-lime and marble-dust, Venetian plaster shows the beauty of polished natural stone, by altering ceilings and walls into works of art. This...

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Ways to Glam-up your Homes with a Well-Selected Exterior Paint Idea!

A well-known quote by Stephen Gardiner goes like “The interior of the house personifies the real world, the exterior of it is the part of the outside world.” Usually, people create a first impression of your house looking at the exteriors before stepping into the well-decorated interiors. Therefore, choosing...

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Get the Perfect Looking Walls with Solid Plastering!

Are you fascinated by the perfect looking walls that are almost flawless and extremely smooth? Do you think such walls are only limited to videos and magazines and cannot exist in real life? If yes, we are sure you might never have heard about solid plastering. Solid plastering is...

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9 Trailblazers Leading the Way in Plastering Walls

Desire an exquisite interior? Wondering what will bring the wow factor and uplift your bathrooms, kitchens to another level? The answer lies here. Enhance your home decor ideas by replicating the look of heritage ceiling, incorporating a fireplace surround or with custom made scallop domes as down lights. How?...

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Earthen Plaster for Your Home – How good are they?

If you want a novel finish to your interiors, earthen plastering could be just the one for you. Earthen plaster is a blend of clay, aggregates and fibre that is more suitable for interior walls than exteriors. This old method of plastering home interiors though not very commonly spotted...

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4 fantastic plastering tips for DIY beginners

So you’ve finally decided to fix that hole in the wall. Good. Before you start, however, you need to know the ins and outs of plastering, of which even some professional builders are reluctant to do. Don’t worry, however, as our expert DIY plastering tips will not only make...

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