A painting job well done makes all the difference to your space. Your choice of colour-vibrant or pastel, oil or matte is going to give that final look to the home, you have so fondly built or bought.

Hence choosing interior paint for your home could get tricky and a bit challenging. Below we have listed the top three things you to take note before choosing a paint for your interior walls.

Rental or personal.

Painting walls is an expensive affair as it’s a good idea to decide beforehand whether you are renting the space or using it for your own living. This will help you get clarity on the budget you are willing to set aside on painting the interiors.

If you are renting your space, having the one-colour-theme across all rooms is often conventional and convenient. Choosing a neutral colour like egg-shell white is seen as a safe bet as it not only makes space look brighter and bigger but also liked by most people. Following a single colour theme also gives you spare paint to store for later cover up jobs.

On the other hand, if you are shifting in your own space, you can experiment and break conventions when it comes to choosing wall paints and colours. You could decide to have different theme colours for different rooms or simply have two complimentary colours on different walls for the same room. Experimenting with wallpapers, tiles, timber and bamboos is in vogue too. Getting help from interior designers should be a good idea.

The purpose of the rooms.

While the purpose of rooms like kitchen, bathrooms and lounge is obvious, there are few open spaces in the home like an extra bedroom or stairways which can be converted to a study room, playroom, home office etc.

The paint you choose for your room will hugely determine your purpose. While red will look good on a single corner or wall you want to highlight, lime green makes space look clean and fresh whereas purple, a new rage, makes your plants stand out.

Bathrooms and kitchen need special care.

Choosing the paints for bathrooms and kitchens needs extra research. Because of the very purpose of these two rooms, putting just any paint on its walls won’t do. Whether you choose bright blues and reds, soothing grey or bay leaf green, the paint should also be waterproof and stain proof. Easily washable, and resistant to fungal growth are also key factors to keep in mind here.