Summer is one of the most popular times to add a fresh new coat of paint on your exteriors. While some days can be unbearably hot, the extra sunshine does help house painters in Melbourne as it takes significantly less time for the paint to dry and gives you more time during the day to work.

If you’re in the middle of renovating and stuck on the right colours to use for your exterior here’s our guide for picking the perfect paint colour for your home:

1. Match the exterior paint with the interior design

First impressions are important, that’s why picking the right exterior paint colour is crucial. Your exterior paint should be a representation of what your home looks like inside. If you end up choosing a colour palette that varies too much from the inside of your home, it can create an imbalance and ruin the flow of the motif of your home.

2. Understand the theme of your place

When you’re designing your home, you will have a basic idea of the aesthetic you want it to maintain. Whether you opted for a lavish, bespoke layout or a homely, grounded family space, this theme needs to encompass your entire space, including the exterior paint colour. Use the overall look you chose for the design of the layout and that should give you an array of colour choices that will highlight this theme rather than hinder your home’s appeal.

3. Choose a palette for now and later

Trending colour palettes always look innovative and visually engaging, however, tastes always change. Make sure when you’re painting your exterior you’re sticking with colour palettes your comfortable with having outside of its popular period. Think of how your colour palette choices will look in 5-10 years and beyond. If it’s a bold colour choice that you may not be comfortable upkeeping in the near future, find a more neutral colour suite that can stand the time.

4. Double check with a professional

Everyone has different tastes. But sometimes what you prefer may not work with your space. Getting your colour palette choices finalised with an exterior paint expert in Melbourne will save you from having to repaint in case your options clash or doesn’t suit your home or area.

Have a colour palette in mind? Or need further assistance finding the right shade for your exteriors? Get in touch with Konnstruct today. Our helpful exterior painting experts will guide you through the wide variety of exterior paints available for your home. Call us now on 0450 743 734 to book a consultation with one of our team members today.