Cleaning latex painted interior walls

The technique of cleaning walls differs depending on whether the paint is oil based or latex based.

To clean latex based walls safely and effectively, mix three to four drops of everyday dish detergent into a half-filled bucket of warm water.

Wet a sponge in the solution and squeeze it dry. It is important that the sponge is dry, as you don’t want to affect the walls with lines of dripping water.

Wipe of the dirt in a gentle circular motion, rinsing the sponge and repeating as necessary. This technique will work for all types of latex paint, including semi-gloss, gloss and flat varieties.

Make special care to ensure that the sponge is dry when cleaning around any electrical outlets or light switches. If you plan on cleaning around these areas, make sure to turn off the power, so as to avoid shocks.

Do not use any harsh chemicals or degreasers to clean areas of latex paint. If the marks are too stubborn to remove with the method above, you will have to repaint.

Oil-based painted interior walls

Oil-based paints are generally a little tougher than latex varieties. If you are to find that the method above for the latex based paint does not work, you will be able to safely use a mild degreaser to remove more stubborn marks, which is handy with areas such as the kitchen.

Make sure to never use harsh sponges, chemicals or Teflon pads to scrub the painted walls. This will likely leave streak marks and abrasions in the areas which you are attempting to clean.

Also make sure to follow the same steps for ensuring safety when cleaning around electrical outlets.

Always make sure to read the instructions on the can of paint regarding cleaning.

If you’re walls are beyond needing a good clean, call our professional painters in Melbourne on 0450 743 734.