There are 3 main stages of plastering: preparing the area and plaster, plastering the wall and maintenance afterwards. Whether you’re a novice or plastering pro, there are still many ways for a DIY plastering job can go wrong. Check out these tips and tricks on DIY plastering for your upcoming project:

Before You Start Plastering

Do: Clean your wall before plastering. Make sure you’ve brushed away all the dirt and dust off the surface. Walls with leftover grime will have bits of dirt building up as you skim along.

Don’t: Make your mixture too thick. A thick plaster mixture’s hard to keep flat and is heavier. A good gauge for the perfect plaster consistency is when it can be compared to a thick yoghurt, so it’s easier to spread.

Things To Keep In Mind While Plastering

Do: Push hard. When the consistency of your mixture is correct, you should be able to apply it with firm pressure. By pressing hard, you’ll ensure the plaster is completely flat with no visible bulges.

Don’t: Work over obstacles that can be moved. Plastering can be a tedious task that many want to get done as soon as possible. Therefore it’s easy to ignore certain things when you’re in a rush to get the job done. Instead of hopping over chairs or squeezing in tight spaces for a quick plastering fix, make sure you have plenty of your to complete your task.

Plastering After Care

Do: Clean immediately after every mix. Plastering mix is very hard to clean out once it’s set. Make sure all your plastering equipment, from buckets to trowel is properly cleaned after every job, so you don’t have to replace anything due to mixture build up.

Don’t: Dry out your plastering job for too long when you’re smoothing it out. Multiple layers are best when you’re smoothing out the plastering of your walls. Make sure when you apply your second coat the plaster is dry but still slightly damp. This ensures when you put on your second coat any leftover bumps are still pliable for a flat finish.

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