If you want a novel finish to your interiors, earthen plastering could be just the one for you. Earthen plaster is a blend of clay, aggregates and fibre that is more suitable for interior walls than exteriors.

This old method of plastering home interiors though not very commonly spotted in the urban lifestyle has many unspoken advantages over its contemporaries.

Earthen clay plastering not only creates an interesting look, its texture creates different patterns in different lighting. Creating a feeling of warmth and beauty in your house, these organic plasters impart depth and uniqueness to the rooms and speaks volumes about the owner’s lifestyle choices.

Beautiful and non-toxic.

Since it has no toxins, only pure clay with a bit of fibre and aggregates to help hold its shape, this form of plastering is eco-friendly and actually helps to improve the indoor air quality. So if you are a family member who is over-sensitive to chemicals, natural clay plastering is your go-to option.

Emits negative Ion which is a positive thing.

Available in nature freely, negative ions are good for oxygen absorption by the human body. These are in abundance in the countryside where trees emit negative ions. Computers and handheld devices, on the other hand, emit positive ions instead. Opting for earthen plastering is coming to a few notches closer to nature and leading a healthier life.

Bring nature home

Construction industry has evolved immensely over years and with this rise, there has also been an increase in the number of toxins and harmful chemicals used in construction and paintings. With more houses designed to be tight in air circulation and ventilation, it makes it worse for toxins to escape. Plastering your interiors with natural clay, which is organic and naturally found, seems to win all brownie points on this front.

Environment benefits.

The most sustainable form of paint is one which can go back to nature, the way they are. Natural clay paints have been around for a long period of time and used by generations. What better way to use paint from natural, in its simplest, purest form.