If you are considering changing the wall colour you most likely want the one which blends both tradition and modernity. We have the choicest picks for you to skip the do-overs and pick the perfect trend in the first go.

Pick subtle pastels and soft naturals.

2017 is not the year of smooth and cold wall colours. While picking shades of ivory to make your space look bigger are understandable, picking up beiges are restorative and soothing too. Add a new dimension to your interiors- surround yourself with vegetal hues.

Bold saturated colours.

Want to be distinct? Choose the rich and bold colours of the season like blue, peach, yellow, burgundy, red. The use of bold and rich colours not only adds interesting patterns due to natural and surrounding lights and interior lighting, it also makes your furniture stand out and compliment each other. If this is the first time you are choosing such bold colours, it’s a good idea to research the designs and seek professional service.

Steel, galvanised finish.

Accentuate your interior details by incorporating steel finish to the common walls, pillars or architectural angles which you want to emphasise. Platinum, copper and rust are the new vogues in classic modern luxe look. The subtle metallic effects bring the inspiration and add interest.

Handy tip for winters- Come winters and excessive heating and poor ventilation of the interiors causes mould formation on the walls and ceilings. Simply add a few drops of anti-mould paint additive and the fungal growth caused due to seepage of excessive trapped moisture will be at bay.