Fancy feature walls

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a room that has a fancy feature wall as its key focal point. Whether it be as simple as using a contrasting colour from the rest of the interior, or something more striking such as a pattern, the atmosphere that such a feature provides is incredible.

At KONNSTRUCT, we’ve got your feature walls covered. From professional painting to any work that needs to be done to prepare the wall, our skilled tradesmen are best placed to provide you with the feature wall that you’ve always wanted in your living space. The paints we use will make sure of a long lasting wall, too, providing your interior space with years and years of great atmosphere.

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23 Years of Experience in all aspects of Painting and Plastering

Construction. Cans of paint with colour palette and paintbrush.

We’ll patch up all of those old dents

Creating a distinctive feature wall inside of your home is all about the preparation. There’s little point in using a new coat of paint to try to hide blemishes such as door handle dents, furniture scratches, or holes in the wall. Sometimes, a little patch up work with plaster can make all of the difference, allowing the colour or pattern used on the feature wall to have the perfect setting to shine.

We have conducted both small and large scale plastering projects throughout the city, and are more than capable of getting your future feature wall prepared perfectly. We can measure and level the wall out, no matter how old the building structure is, and our plastering techniques will make sure of a great surface for a long time to come. No dent is too big nor too small for us, and we’ll leave you with a perfect area for your new feature wall.

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Let us give your living space a great finish

The key to a fine feature wall is, of course, the finish. This comes down to the quality of the paint, the painting process itself, and the colour(s) used to create this distinctive surface. Making sure that all three result in a high quality finish at the end of the project can be quite time consuming if done by an individual.

Our interior painting experts utilise the most professional of techniques to make sure of a perfect finish each and every time. Whether your feature wall incorporates an intricate pattern, or a simple, bold colour, our painters will be able to present in the finest style possible. We only ever use high quality interior paints for the job at hand, guaranteeing a long lasting solution for getting that feature wall section that you have always wanted.

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So whether it’s to give your living space a completely new look, or simply just to retouch your existing feature area, give the team at KONNSTRUCT a call on 0450 743 734. We’ll be more than happy to talk about the job at hand, as well as your particular colour ideas, and go from there to both get the wall up to scratch, on top of finishing it off with a great, new look.

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