Let’s be honest – studying and doing his homework is probably not your teen’s preferred way to spend an evening. If you are constantly on your toes to make your teen hit the books, its high time you think about giving his room the makeover it deserves.
According to psychology, the space that you study in has a great impact on how engaging and efficient your studying is. Studying in a messy, dark and cluttered room can make it very difficult for your teen to concentrate. Whereas, a calm, subtle and organised room can be productive and effective. Having said that, here are some paint colour suggestions for your study area.

1. Blue – Placid and Creative
Blue is a gorgeous colour. It is subtle, calm and soothing. Due to it’s calm and cool undertones, it is often used in bedrooms. But, its ability to stimulate productivity by aiding concentration makes it an ideal colour option for study rooms too.
It is recommended that you skip pale shades of blue such as sky-blue, teal or arctic because they might hinder your teen’s engagement and concentration. Instead, opt for a bolder shade such as turquoise or cerulean. However, if your teen is inclined towards a tone which is extremely bright, consider getting an accent wall painted of the same colour and paint the others in a neutral shade.

2. Green – Fresh and Refreshing
Similar to blue, green is also a cool and gentle colour that makes a room feel tranquil and refreshing. Also, the right shade of green will create a space that is lively, energising and the one that helps in concentration. You can try a moss or sage green to help your teen focus better without overdoing or overpowering the room or you can try creating an accent wall with a Kelly green or bright lime colour.

3. Yellow – Agile and Positive
Think about sunshine and lemon! Yes, yellow is as energising as the two of these and helps in maintaining the freshness and energy level during long hours of studying. Because yellow has a wide range of shades, it can be an ideal colour choice for your bedroom too. You can choose a buttery yellow shade, soft enough for a peaceful night’s sleep. Also, you can go with deeper yellow like lemon-yellow or dandelion for an accent wall and neutral shades for the rest of the space.

We have given recommendations about the most suitable paint colours for your study, but it is vital that you choose what you love. Every person is unique and so are his/her likes and dislikes. Hence, make your teen’s study space organised, make it fun and most importantly, make it his own!

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