Give your blank walls a makeover by choosing stripes. With slight variations in thickness and distance between stripes, you can manipulate the look and tone of your interiors. While horizontal lines make the room look wider, vertical lines give a virtual height to the room. The trick in the whole process is getting straight lines and neatness at the end of the job. Quite easy to follow, it is a fun way to include little ones in this DIY project as well.

Here is the step by step process on painting stripes on the wall.

Painting stripes on the wall

1. Choose the two colours/ shades you want the wall to be painted in. Choose the lighter of the two to paint the entire wall including the ceiling. Let the paint completely dry. This takes around 4-6 hours. Leaving it overnight works best.

2. Prepare the layout by first measuring the wall and then marking the stripes with help of a black chalk. Start with the wall which is least in sight. The stripes can be anywhere from 4” to 12” wide, depending on your taste.

3. Now using safe release tape, cover the area you want to be covered. Stick the tape neatly outside the marked line as the black stripes will be painted over. Remember that because you will be painting only every other stripe, you’ll need to tape out the pattern so that every other stripe is outlined by the tape. If the measurements don’t work out perfectly, you can always adjust while working on that obscure corner wall. Slight differences like ¼ “ or ½ inch difference won’t be easily noticeable.

4. Apply the darker shade on the exposed stripes and let it dry. A slight spill on the tapes won’t matter as it will eventually be pulled out.

5. Once the paint has dried, pull out the tape carefully.