When you’re in the middle of renovating an entire home, it can be hard keeping on top of all the nitty-gritty details. Whether you’ve hired professional painters in Melbourne or doing DIY plastering, having a plan is essential.

Knowing what you’re doing from the very beginning means you don’t have to deal with any costly mistakes in the future. Here are 4 easy tips you can follow to help you iron out everything you need for your interior painting, layout and design:

1. Understand each function of the room

The way you paint your kid’s room will be completely different from how you decorate the living room. And it all comes down to how each space is going to be used. You may want a cosy living room, which would have warm colours. Whereas, you may want your kitchen to be more minimalistic and easy to use, so a pared back design different colours might be better. By understanding the function of the room you’ll be better equipped at making the right colour and furniture choices.

2. Find a uniting theme for the house

When there’s so many design choices to make, it can be tough finalising anything. If you’re feeling overwhelmed having to create a unique design for each individual space, having an overarching goal to achieve for your home helps with the decision making. The uniting factor can be a type of furniture material, plastering texture, a colour palette, or a combination of all three. Having a central idea will guide you through the design choices you have to make for each room.

3. Experiment with more than colours

There’s more to interior design that the colours of your room. Having different textures can also help aid the overall aesthetic and mood that you’re going for. When you’re visiting in-store or online interior sites, have a look at combinations of stone, wooden and metal materials that could suit your style. There are also different plastering finishes such as smooth Venetian plastering and clay plaster decor.

4. Draw the layout

You don’t have to be an artist when drawing the layout of your interior design. However, having a rough visual of where you want your furniture to be and the kind of decorations you want to include will help you in the long run. Knowing exactly what your room needs means you won’t blindly shop and impulse buy furniture as well as save you time when you’re arranging your space.

5. Talk to a specialist

Once you feel like you’ve drafted a proper plan of your home’s interior design, it’s always best to double check your ideas with a professional. Whether you go to an all-in-one consultant or visit different specialists for painting, furniture and layout tips, getting the approval and guidance of an expert will ensure you get your dream home right.

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