Real Estate Painting and Plastering Services

KONNSTRUCT is one of the leading trades companies for painting and plastering in Melbourne. Whilst we are well regarded for our household and commercial work, we are also the first people to turn to for reliable real estate plastering and painting, including investment properties. Providing everything from maintenance and repairs, through to touch up work on recently purchased properties, we can help maintain and maximise the value of your asset.

Best of all, we can do it for a competitive price, too, and one that won’t break the bank. Our estimator will be able to work within your set timeframes and parameters, giving you a quote and a service itinerary that will see the work done as quickly and as affordably as possible. Some of the more common things that we are called upon for are:

  • Punctual and reliable services for plastering and painting in Melbourne.
  • General tenant or landlord repairs when needed.
  • General maintenance, scheduled or otherwise.
  • Installations and fittings of plasterboard and cornices.
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23 Years of Experience in all aspects of Painting and Plastering

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Painting and plastering

Whether it’s just to give a new look to your asset, or to refurbish a newly purchased one, our services for painting and plastering will be just the ticket. Using the highest quality of paints, plasterboard, plus our expert knowledge of what works, we can guarantee a perfect finish each and every time.

Both our exterior and interior paint work are done with appearance and the durability of the paint firstly in our minds. As for plastering, there is no cornice, lattice, or feature wall that we have met that we couldn’t handle. We’ll be able to give your walls and ceilings that distinctive, stunning look, boosting the overall value of your property in turn.

Property repairs

Damage, no matter how much care all parties take, is an inevitable aspect of having an investment in the property market. Which is why it’s refreshing to know that there’s a team of qualified and expert tradesmen that can repair any damage inflicted on the property in the quickest time possible. What’s more, we can do it for a very competitive and affordable quote.

We specialise in the repair work of dents, chips, and holes, patching up the damage to the point where you won’t even be able to tell where it happened in the first place. We’re also the plastering experts in repairing decorative cornices and feature ceilings, reversing the damage and restoring the feature to its original condition.

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23 Years of Experience in all aspects of Painting and Plastering

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Property maintenance

Part of maintaining the value of your investment property is to make sure that everything looks and functions as it should. That’s easier said than done, especially with older properties, where the paint and plaster are literally cracking at the seams. KONNSTRUCT have been providing maintenance to the real estate sector and investors for many years, and we’ll be able to look after it for you.

We go through and inspect every inch of the property, making sure that the paint hasn’t faded, nor that the plaster looks worse for wear. Any problems that we encounter will be fixed and documented for your notice, giving you complete control over the quality of your asset and investment.

New installations

If you’ve just purchased a new investment property, and are looking to get it up to scratch, give us a call, and we’ll be able to fit and install anything. We’re also your local experts for the professional fitting of decorative fixtures. Our cornice, skirting board, and lattice installation work is well known for both being punctual and, most importantly, looking great.

So next time something needs fixing on your investment property, don’t panic! Give the team at KONNSTRUCT a call for the most reliable and efficient painters and plasterers possible. Our quotes are highly competitive, and we’ll be able to get any sized job done as quickly as possible, and within the scope of any sized budget, too.

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