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Taking care of the walls in your home is much easier said than done. Opening the door too quickly could leave a dent in the wall, sometimes old plaster can just fall off, even furniture being moved around can leave deep scratches and even holes, too. So it’s reassuring to know that, should some of these instances befall your walls, the team at KONNSTRUCT are here to help, with our legendary wall patch ups being up to the task.

We’ve provided a flawless patch up service for many residents and business owners right across Melbourne, from the smallest dents, to the largest holes imaginable. We use the highest quality of equipment and materials, too, guaranteeing nothing less than a perfect finish every time. We don’t just do patch up jobs for interiors, either. Our outdoor works can remove the damage created through outdoor deterioration either by time, smoke, or heavy use.

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From the oldest period era home, to the newest in modern design

No matter how old the house or the walls are, we’ll be able to get the damage fixed in no time at all. We understand that not every home is like another, and the same can be said about both general plastering and the plaster boards themselves. That’s why we’ve made ourselves versatile enough in being able to take on any type of patch up job, both old and new.

Whether it be for simple dent patch ups, or repairing decorative ornaments and cornices which are common in many older styles of homes, we’ll be able to get the job done perfectly. We also specialise in wall patch ups around door frames, keeping the frame itself in tact, whilst reinforcing the area from chips, holes, or structural damage.

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23 Years of Experience in all aspects of Painting and Plastering

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Big or small: We’ll take on any sized project

From full re-plastering works of large school halls to reverse the strain of wear and tear, to simple hole patch ups in office blocks and homes, we’ve done it all. Our speciality lies in being able to diagnose what needs to be repaired or patched up, depending on the size and scale of the damage and the project itself.

From there, we set to work. No matter the size of the project, we always aim to get it done as quickly as possible, without compromising on the quality of our work, nor imposing any disruption onto you. It’s our commitment to both great service and quality work which has seen us become renowned throughout Melbourne and the South-Eastern suburbs.

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There’s no better team of tradies to call on

For all of your wall patch up needs, the expert tradesmen at KONNSTRUCT have you effectively covered. Our wall patch up techniques, along with our high standards of workmanship, will ensure that your dents, holes, and scratches are not just covered up, but filled to last for a long time to come.

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