A well-known quote by Stephen Gardiner goes like “The interior of the house personifies the real world, the exterior of it is the part of the outside world.”

Usually, people create a first impression of your house looking at the exteriors before stepping into the well-decorated interiors. Therefore, choosing the right exterior paint for your home is sometimes more important than choosing the interior ones. The simplest way to glam up your home and give it an extraordinary touch is by going for an eye-catching and well-selected paint idea.

Picking the exterior paint colour for your home can be a mighty task; however, we have listed perfect ways to choose the right colour that will make your home stand out!

1. Alignment with the Neighbourhood

We understand that you would want your home to be unique and stand-out from that of others. However, sometimes the colours that you choose may not fall into any proper pattern or colour scheme and might be standing out for all the incorrect reasons.

Therefore, considering your neighbourhood is an essential aspect of making sure that your home is aligned with the natural setting of your surroundings. Your surroundings comprise not only the houses but the roads, trees, fixtures and much more. Thus, choosing a colour considering the curb appeal of your neighbourhood is a smart move.

2. Extract Inspiration from the Interiors

Sometimes, drawing inspiration from an heirloom, display, artwork or fine china is a very unique way of choosing exterior paints. This method is recommended because it adds a personal touch to the exterior walls of your home and creates a unique style statement for your property.

So, if you have a colour in mind that you are inspired by and has a unique structure, include it in your exterior paint colours without a second thought. It will not only suit the outer walls but also highlight the elements of the inside of your home.

3. Dig out the Historical past

Sometimes, homes might have a traditional history and their structure might be in similarity to that of their rich past. Therefore, in such cases, you should choose exterior colours that can enhance the historical structures of your property and bring out the best from it.

You can contact a reliable structural designer that can thoroughly evaluate your home and suggest you with the right colours and palate that gives a unique definition to your home.

4. Consider an Evaluated Range of Highlights and Colours

When you start with choosing exterior colours for your home, choosing one base colour is not enough. It is important that you consider an elaborated palate of colours that includes base and accent colours and darker highlights. To bring out the best results, the most recommended way is to start out small, and then add colours according to your requirements.

Getting your home painted is a mammoth task that may require professional help and plenty of finance. Because you cannot rectify your mistake, it is important that you choose experts that are the best at their job. Konnstruct is a group of professionals that can help you save your time and effort and offer you the best painting jobs. Call us today at 0450 743 734 and we ensure that the quality will be worth the amount you spend.